Meet TripleSkinny

Founded in 2008, TripleSkinny is a full-service digital agency; providing end-to-end online consulting services, including: website design, online advertising (PPC, Social Media Ads), branding identity, graphic design, and eCommerce management services.

We take a unique approach with each of our clients; taking the time to assess their individual needs, market opportunity, and customer demographic to ensure specific key performance indicators (KPI’s) are met during each engagement.

As a performance-driven agency, we optimize deliverables to meet your goals; revenue, growth, product sales, or new market reach.

What makes TripleSkinny successful is the diverse range of clientele in our portfolio. We’ve managed million-dollar advertising campaigns, launched brands, developed wearable product lines, and have helped over 100 clients grow their business through smart, result-driven solutions.

Whether you’re a small business owner, or enterprise-level corporation, our team is prepared to deliver results for your business.

Our Clients


We embody the mindset of a startup with clients; creating tailor-made solutions that drive results.

Mobile-First Approach

95% of web traffic comes from mobile device users. We optimize our content for a world that lives through their screen.


We develop solutions that help your business grow in a predictable, repeatable, and scalable method.


Web Design

Mobile-first design approach, with an emphasis on eye-catching design and results-driven performance to maximize engagement.

eCommerce Solutions

Custom eCommerce platform development, including WooCommerce, Shopify, and Amazon FBA management.

Email Marketing

Data-driven email marketing tactics with proven eye-catching designs that increase customer retention and profitability.

Security Services

Website encryption services ensure stability and protection from even the most sophisticated hackers and website malware.


Performance-driven online advertising for Google CPC, Facebook, Instagram, Bing, and Amazon advertising.

Data Analytics

Develop meaningful insights from your data to learn more about your customers, growth opportunities, and revenue.

Aaron Plaat


With 12+ years of experience as a serial entrepreneur, his experience includes: eCommerce, EdTech, Recruitment, Renewable Energy, Fashion, Automotive, Marketing, SaaS, Consulting, and multiple venture-backed companies.


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Initial consultation includes an assessment of client needs, growth-goals, and engagement budget to ensure ideal results.

Discussion & Planning

Interactive brainstorm to develop a project timeline, with key deliverables, deadlines, and engagement goals.
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Project Analysis

We review findings with each client to share executable goals during our working engagement.


Launch of our client engagement; we put our team to work and provide routine check-ins to ensure target goals are met.


Upon revisions and final review, we provide client training and comprehensive hand-holding to ensure your success.


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