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Slide Agency Reimagined At Tripleskinny, we've reinvented the traditional agency; creating a unique experience for both our team and client family.
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“My vision for tripleskinny is to create a company that embodies what I know to be possible with the internet.”
Aaron Plaat | Founder

What is a tripleskinny, anyway?

A ‘tripleskinny’ contains three shots of espresso mixed with skim milk; all of the energy, none of the fat. That idea embodies the ethos of our company, as well as the approach we take to deliver the best results for our clients.

As a team, we believe in operating with integrity, transparency, efficiency and innovation. I like to think of it as combining everything you love about modern technology with the joy experienced in your interpersonal relationships. We believe in bringing people together through the best technology we have available. 

As the person who started this thing, I have the joy of waking up every day to work with an incredible team comprised of my closest inner circle of friends. We’re a distributed team all over the world, and that gives us an opportunity have a tremendous amount of talent, diversity, experience, expertise and personality! 

Every day, we have the opportunity to learn, innovate, grow and help support our clients in a field we are all passionate about; dental care. Whether it be restoring a broken smile or a routine check-up, we are passionate about helping our clients reach their highest potential in their practice and impacting the lives of their patients. 

Every day, we have another reason to smile 🙂